If you ask Maria’s mom she will tell you that from the time she was born she woke up either talking or singing, especially at her favorite time of 2am. Now she shares her thoughts with large groups of people using humor and stories to make her points.

In addition to quilting topics, Maria, as the owner of Conquer the Clutter, also speaks on such topics as downsizing, paperwork management and hoarding. If you would like to know more about these topics, click here.

Sewing Room Organization –

If you ask most quilters, they will tell you that they wish they were more organized. The more time you spend looking for that special fabric or a particular tool the less time you spend sewing. As a Professional Organizer for 26 years I have seen just about everything there is to see. As a quilter I understand that the usual ways of organizing things don’t work the same in this environment, so I have developed this class to tackle the needs of the busy quilter or other sewing enthusiast.

I am not going to talk about where to put your ironing board or your cutting table in this lecture. Your sewing space may be a basket next to your chair or multiple rooms and the solution is different for everyone. What I AM going to talk about is ways to be more efficient and techniques for storing everything from bulk fabric to pins and needles.